Dr. Wisotsky

Clinical Health Psychologist

My Message

Everyone has moments, everyone has some difficulties, it’s when you feel like you need the support of a compassionate clinican who can collaborate with you to aide through any stressor, I will be there. What better time than now to feel like you have the tools to bulldoze the stressors. Now is the time that we can develop coping strategies to get through the difficulties that life may be throwing towards you.

As a clinical psychologist for about 20 years, a wife and a mother, I have the empathy, the unconditional support and the non judgmental ear. I can even counsel/coach virtually to complement your busy schedule. I can be the person on your team to get you through the moments of distress, concern and guide you to your overall wellness.

“Chose your outcome”

– CS


Dr. Willo Wisotsky is a NY State Licensed Psychologist who received her Clinical Health Ph.D. from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University.

Faculty Experience

I have been a faculty member at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine and Suffolk Community College.

Clinical Leadership

I have served as a Clinical Supervisor for Doctorate students, developed behavioral health weight management programs and am a Director of Behavioral Health in a prestigious bariatric practice. I have committed my research, publications and clinical practice to the field of eating disorders and obesity with its related medical and mental health comorbidities.

Clinical Focus

I practice from a Behavioral Medicine approach with an emphasis on improving overall well being, increasing mindfulness, motivation, quality of life and health. My goal is to go beyond symptom relief to enhance one’s overall lifestyle through active goal setting and an achieved sense of balance in areas of psychological and physical functioning.

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