Dr. Willo Wisotsky Clinical Health Psychologist

I am a NYS Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist specializing in health psychology, bariatric surgery, obesity, eating disorders, behavioral health and coaching through daily obstacles. Throughout treatment, I emphasize problem solving, planning skills, goal setting, coping and behavioral strategies for clients. I have practiced, studied, researched, lectured and published on the topics of obesity, eating disorders and the behavioral factors with such diseases. As a leader in the field of obesity, I offer comprehensive psychological evaluations for bariatric surgical candidates to addresses the psychological antecedents, behaviors and consequences of the disease of obesity and to aide in the preparation of such treatment.

Additionally, I have expertise in working with patients who suffer from psychological outcomes associated with: obesity; weight control problems; eating disorders; mood disorders, anxiety associated with a medical condition or treatment of a condition; compliance with medication and/or medical procedures; infertility; lifestyle coping challenges; and adjustment disorders.

I work within a Cognitive-Behavioral, Supportive, Behavior Medicine model, complementing the “whole person” to aide with chronic illness and the associated behaviors to maximize coping, treatment and disease outcomes. Coaching and behavioral strategies will be utilized to maximize applicable strategies, therefore encouraging confidence and symptom reduction.

“Never throw away a day for a moment, it’s just a moment.”

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